We create the best short-form content out there.

We are not your traditional creative agency. Instead, we help brands fulfill their potential by providing exceptional user-generated content that drives traffic and increases revenue.

Our Mission

Parasition is a newly founded online marketing agency from Sweden that serves global clients. Our goal is to empower our customers’ brands by using innovative marketing concepts, including UGC and other viral social media tactics. 

We mainly help businesses and industries that have not yet been exposed to the “new wave of marketing,” as that’s where our impact is the most prominent. 

We have previously worked with the likes of MrBeast, so our team has vast experience regarding all things marketing. Now, we have decided to go out on our own and help organizations with our unique but proven strategies.

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The Buzz-Accelerator

Parasition's Buzz-Accelerator allows our clients to build brand-awareness to levels they could not imagine were possible. In short, we gather a ton of talented UGC creators, give them our viral-proven guidelines, and start creating vast amounts of content dedicated to your brand.

For our Buzz-Accelerator, we use so-called “buckets.” A bucket essentially means a proven concept of a series of videos that have a very high probability of going viral. Buckets can be tailored to specific industries or clients, and when we have a new Buzz-Accelerator customer, we always deliver the best bucket possible for your brand. This could, for example, be a series of how your software can dramatically impact someone’s life.

We take this bucket and give it to our UGC creators, who then create extremely large amounts of high-quality content.

This is all organic, meaning that there isn’t any ad-spend. Instead, we reap the benefits of the social media algorithms that promote outstanding content.

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UGC Production Service

With our bucket-creation skills and access to top-notch UGC creators, we have the ability to offer our clients industry-best UGC videos.

Many of our customers want UGC videos to use for their advertising campaigns, but finding the right creator and concept can be very challenging.

That’s why we deliver this service, where any company can get UGC videos that can be used for a wide range of marketing efforts.

Because UGC is so effective, we recommend everyone to consider it over traditional advertising videos.

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We are a flexible and diverse marketing agency that can deliver other services on top of the Buzz-Accelerator and UGC Production Service.

Our team has experience in most marketing-related areas, including strategy, branding, design, SEO, and much, much more.

So, if you want to work with us despite not being entirely sure what you need, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out, as we can most likely work something awesome out.

Why User Generated Content?


People trust other people more than brands. Most consumers trust recommendations from their peers over traditional advertising, and while the exact number differs depending on the study, it’s usually many times better. This is the case since UGC feels real, relatable, and genuinely endorsed.

UGC Production Service

UGC is an engagement magnet like nothing else. Usually, UGC boosts engagement by many dozen percent over traditional ads. It's a conversation starter, and everyone loves to join the party.

Another reason why it’s so engaging is that visuals speak more than words. Photos and videos from happy customers are a goldmine.


It’s no secret that UGC is an incredible conversion booster; that’s why we’re in this business. UGC can often increase your conversion rate by many percentage points, which totals up to very significant numbers over time.

So there you have it, UGC isn't just a trend; it's a tried and true powerhouse. Let your audience be your brand ambassadors and watch your business skyrocket.

How We Operate
To give you a better idea of what working with Parasition means, we’ve made a slightly simplified overlook of our typical workflow. This workflow shows how we work with our Buzz-Accelerator and UGC Production Service. Our other efforts differ greatly from client to client.
1. Parasition Gets a New Client
When we’ve got a new client, we go through an onboarding process where we establish what needs to get done. Here, we determine things like how many UGC creators are needed, affiliate agreements, and much more. After this, we develop our viral content concepts, known as “buckets.”
2. Sharing the Client-Brief with Creators
When a new client is onboarded, we prepare a comprehensive brief for our creators. Here, we specify the company and product they will promote, the duration of the deal, the terms of the affiliate program, video content requirements, minimum video production, the upfront payment, and more.
3. The “Necessary” Videos Are Created
When our creators have everything they need, it’s time to create the “necessary” videos included in the “bucket.” These videos are the ones they’re paid a flat rate for, but there’s also the affiliate income. They can, however, publish more videos if they want to increase the affiliate paycheck. These videos can have a wide variety of use cases.
4. Our Creators Learn from Each Other
At Parasition, we encourage all our creators to learn from each other. When someone’s video goes viral, all our creators see it. From there, a creator can see the video and mimic it to create something viral for themselves. Our creators are always allowed to get inspiration from each other; we’re here to grow together.
5. Parasition, Our Clients, and Our Creators Keep Going
Our talented creators are allowed to join an infinite amount of new projects, or just work with their current ones. This is, of course, only true if they can continue to deliver. Many of our projects go on for multiple months, but we’re always flexible and enable our creators to switch and/or leave. With our clients, we continuously update our goals to suit them.
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Why Choose Us


We are commited and will do everything in our power for our clients


We are a small but highly effective team

New concepts

We have new concepts that will take over the world of marketing

New ideas

We are the new comers who see things from a different perpective

Want To Work With Us?


Are you a content creator looking for a reliable and appreciative partner? If that’s the case, please go to our creator page. 


Are you a business looking to take your marketing to the next level and achieve brand awareness like never before? If so, please contact us and we’ll respond to you shortly. 

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